Open Source Repositories

[PerSE] Learning Personalized Alignment for Evaluating Open-ended Text Generation

Danqing Wang, Kevin Yang†‡, Hanlin Zhu†‡, Xiaomeng Yang†, Andrew Cohen†, Lei Li*, Yuandong Tian†
UC Santa Barbara, †Meta AI, ‡UC Berkeley, *Carnegie Mellon University

[SALAM] Learning from Mistakes via Cooperative Study Assistant for Large Language Models

Danqing Wang, Lei Li*
UC Santa Barbara, *Carnegie Mellon University

[EATLM & ATUE] On Pre-training Language Model for Antibody

Danqing Wang†‡, Fei Ye†, Hao Zhou*
UC Santa Barbara, †ByteDance AI Lab, *Tsinghua University

[LSSAMP] Accelerating Antimicrobial Peptide Discovery with Latent Structure

Danqing Wang†‡, Zeyu Wen†, Fei Ye†, Lei Li‡, Hao Zhou*,
‡UC Santa Barbara, †ByteDance Research, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, *Tsinghua University

[CALMS] Contrastive Aligned Joint Learning for Multilingual Summarization

Danqing Wang, Jiaze Chen, Hao Zhou, Xipeng Qiu†, Lei Li
ByteDance AI Lab, †Fudan University

[CNewSum] A Large-scale Chinese News Summarization Dataset with Human-annotated Adequacy and Deducibility Level

Danqing Wang, Jiaze Chen, Xianze Wu, Hao Zhou, Lei Li†
ByteDance AI Lab, †UC Santa Barbara

[HeterSumGraph] Heterogeneous Graph Neural Networks for Extractive Document Summarization

Danqing Wang*, Pengfei Liu*, Yining Zheng, Xipeng Qiu, Xuanjing Huang
Fudan University

[MULTI-SUM] Exploring Domain Shift in Extractive Text Summarization

Danqing Wang*, Pengfei Liu*, Ming Zhong, Jie Fu, Xipeng Qiu, Xuanjing Huang
Fudan University